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For Mojgan “Megan” Rezaei, encouraging optimum health is not just her profession – it is her passion. Having family members battling chronic pain and illness for years, when medication and conventional medical treatments were unsuccessful; it was acupuncture that finally restored their health and her hope. This traditional medical system became her benchmark for what healthcare could provide: healing that originates from the source of the ailment, going beyond the symptom-level. She also was drawn to the field since it brought together many interests she had developed throughout her life such as: helping others, herbal medicine and gardening, and treasuring her family.

Just how often can one fix Oro Valley acupuncture appointments? This is a question that happens very often inside my clinic. In truth, the answer is crucial to a acupuncture patient's capacity to maximize take advantage of any given treatment. Despite this success in addition to history connected with acupuncture, for many, the fear of needles is over the potential health improvements. If you're among anyone who has a fear of needles, about to catch alone! Unlike obtaining a shot, acupuncture treatment by Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center doesn't hurt. Sensation connected with tingling or maybe mild power sensation can be performed. The acupuncture needle can be so thin, thinner than the usual strand of the hair. In truth, approximately fourteen acupuncture fine needles can fit into the hole needle used for a common blood sketch. Think that so when your doctor orders a blood test out!

Every 1 week, I teach a 60 minutes class for new people entering our own acupuncture program at the HMO I help. I use a PowerPoint Presentation to share a large amount of information. I spend enough time throughout the lecture about this very point: frequency connected with treatment matters towards the outcome. Often Western patients connected with acupuncture erroneously believe they could get treatment in the haphazard fashion or infrequently nonetheless reap an incredible take advantage of the therapy. The schedule that may be convenient isn't always one which is scientifically efficacious.

I firmly urge acupuncture patients to obtain their treatments done as often as possible initially, with an opportunity of scaling down after a few years. What is usually frequent enough? The common of health care in Chinese hospitals for the management of chronic pain conditions (the bulk of what my partner and i treat on Kaiser) is usually daily acupuncture for a course connected with 10 treatments. On the exterior, it's delivered almost every other day in addition to in acute cases, around 3x each day.

The primary core thought around performing frequent Oro Valley acupuncture treatments is which the effect connected with acupuncture may accumulate when it is done often enough. We should engage this particular accumulative effect so as to render long-lasting results in our acupuncture people. Many times we have had patients go back to my hospital and report that they can received 1-2 decades of great relief from their long-term pain issue after simply 6 acupuncture consultations!

The second core thought is that so as to engage this accumulative consequence one must prevent backsliding in to pain (or various other symptoms). A normal pain-relief effect after just one Oro Valley acupuncture treatment method is 1-3 days. Who is usually typical? Not anyone! Everyone is a unique personal. Therefore Bluemoon Acupuncture and Wellness Center ask our patients to focus on their effect so we could figure away their maximum frequency connected with treatment.

From your first appointment onward, you will never feel rushed through the healthcare process. Education is an essential dimension of healing and I pride myself on being a knowledgeable resource for your questions and concerns. My goal is to create an environment that will allow for deep trust and relaxation, integrity, and the potential for genuine transformation. If you have questions or would like more information, you are welcome to call me for consultation at my office.(520-505-1442)

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